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It’s written by…Eve, who lives in New York and loves to read. She also loves good food, white rice, dogs, good people, recently swans, also wearing lots of rings, the mini dark chocolate covered pretzels from Trader Joe’s, and being a happy person. And writing. But she doesn’t love doing so in the third person.

I read all kinds of books, though mostly fiction plus a good bit of poetry. The number of books I review in any given month will never be less than one. Beyond that, the only thing that I willingly promise is variety. Here are some of my loyal readers’ recent favorites:

When I’m not writing about books, I’ve been known to write an essay or a poem or an exasperated letter to my downstairs neighbors. My loyal readers love these too.

At the end of each month, I generally produce a Charcuterie of Written Words™, which is a roundup of recent links, and thoughts, and recommendations (etc.) with a fancy and delicious name. You can find all those here.

In short: I write what feels right, and I love you for being here!

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Book recommendations, things I’ve read, thoughts I’ve thought, life philosophies, general musings, and JOY.